Wooden sculpture

…”Maznevski does not intend to engage in creating style typicality.” The expression is not my problem…|” says he. Therefore, we must point the direction towards the artist himself, who, in this case, makes an important part of the context of the work. Sometimes, considering the own engagement, Maznevski also points the attitude that “…during my work I don’t model the artwork, I model myself…”. This is an enigmatic artistic position. It arouses the problem of the attitude of the reception towards the artworks whose formal features are just a part of a wider process of engagement.

At first sight the six sculptures at this exhibition make the impression of works that refer to the modernist researches from the first decades of the last century. There is also the interest for cleared bio-morphic forms, the hint of a former project matrix, the expression is precise, there is an obvious interest for”…basic forms that expressthe universal reality…”;they don’t possess a desire for any kind of narrativeness, although there is a possibility for the projection of certain associations.

Besides, the material used for their processing provoke the need, or they wish (lure, seduce) to be touched. Although they are almost ideally smooth, the various changes of the position of the viewpoint (maybe due to the indefiniteness of the round forms) are not sufficient to satisfy our need for a clear picture of the dimensioning, clearing up of the form in front of us.
…Maznevski is constantly in the direction of identifying his attitudes with his own works. This time his offer are works that provide a function open towards all those ho are able, or at a close wave length, for a relaxed wandering through the fields of meditation.”
…Lazo Plavevski, April 2002