MOCA Skopje - 1995

subject: the end

Where technology information and cultural values determine the condition, art can
cont offer more protection, it cannot create “alternative images” when those offered
by the media are “primary” (G. Celant). This thesis reflects in the work of Maznevski
at several levels. In his pictures made 1991/92 he applies the principle of repetition of
already existing products, images, and pictures: one TV test-image, one chess table,
one book page, and one kitsch –post mark, one pin-up calendar etc. From 1993 he
works with installations. Moreover, he applies TVs where only the image of the final
screenshot left from all moveable images – END (small death?!). Or he has made
“landscape” from TVs: screens (canvases painted in the colour of the spectrum of
colours) and screenshots where one thin line lefts from the image – screen line (the
horizon of our cultural landscape?).

Liljana Nedelkova

By Antoni Maznevski who is scared of the end?, Exhibition in the Museum of Modern
Art, Skopje, 1996