subject: French curve


French curve as morphological unit

French curve as a morphological unit or inside the universe of elementary
particles and crossways are the main subjects in my recent research and they
stem from my renewed interest in the expressive potentials of drawing and
planar sculpture. As regards the motive and the procedure the job is rather
simple: As the drawer is taking the spot for morphological unit of his drawing,
I am taking the French curve from the technical drawing kit (just like my father
architect was using it filthy years ago) as a template for creating human-like
formations, for symbolic images and for intimations about what I represent.
Usage of ready-mades in general is a constant feature of my artistic practice.
In this case the curve as a model stands for the means and is the sole physical
component of the visual structure on the whole. Various treatments of the
curve and their representation and transformation are involved in shaping
a complex visual plane. In disciplined manipulation of the few elements,
there is an abundance of formal solutions. My theme actually concerns
the investigations of the remote origins of that, virtually unlimited, formal
wealth. To my proper inklings of the sense and meaning in those diagrams
of the consciousness I had given the name of “Synthetic biogenesis” – the
elementary particles of the life-giving principle.
There is no doubt that in the realm of the curved lines an order of reality is
reining- exponential functions, differential equal-order is a foundation of the
mystery of existence.
Philosophical thought correlates and sympathize with the onto-Theotechnological
burden of apprehending.
The ideoplastics of the theme (titled “Crossways”) creates a relationship with
the cosmological (universal?!) conditions and with micro-macro perspectives
such as: the movement, the crossing, the symmetry, the polarization, the
familiarity, mutuality, etc.
Shapes and figures I am drawing are actually crossed and multiplied curves
which are supposed to incite an anthropological interpreparation and above
all to arrive at the individuality (identity?!!).
This contents of the figures of speech-tropes, makes and proposes methods
or possible variances of existence, of apprehension and behavior …templates
of probability, common mental morphemes or, simply, visual realities?!